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Great Small Businesses to Support When Designing Your Home in Northeast Florida

By April 20, 2022March 8th, 2024No Comments

Designing and renovating your home is almost impossible without a little help. Even the top DIYers in the country sometimes rely on professionals to make their design dreams come true. So, when you start working on your home’s interior and exterior design, it’s essential to know what kind of companies to look for.

Types of Local Companies to Support When Designing Your Home

There are a few different types of companies that can be helpful with home design. So, if you’re looking for businesses to support, this is where you should start. Here are the types of local businesses you can support when designing your home. 


If you’d like to change or alter the color of your home, you might hire local painters to get the job done. Whether it’s an interior job or an exterior job, a professional hand can go a long way.


If you’d like to install an intricate light fixture, chandelier centerpiece, or create something wholly unique, then you might want the help of an electrician. Before you open up that wall socket or play around with live wires, you might consider contacting a professional. 

Antiques, Signage, and Décor

When looking for décor inspiration, you should visit local interior design, signage, and antique shops. These are excellent places to pick up rare finds and fill your home with tons of personality. 

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are also a must-visit when making renovations or changes to your home. These are the ideal places to find lumber, tools, hardware, and more. 


If you’re interested in changing the shingles on your roof or repairing some areas damaged by the weather, why not hire a local roofing company? They can make those changes for you, so you can focus on other design changes you want to make.

Professional Organizers

If you’d like to declutter and organize your home, why not work with a professional organizer? They can help you get rid of things that are just taking up space and help reorganize your life. 

Interior Designers

And if you want to stay hands-off with the process, you might just hire a local interior designer. There’s no need to add extra stress to your life if you can afford to hire someone to do it for you, right? After all, they do this sort of thing professionally, so you can rest assured knowing that it’s being done correctly.

Local Businesses to Support in Jacksonville, Florida

If you live in Jacksonville or anywhere in Northeast Florida, here are some local businesses you should work with when designing your home. Many of these companies actually appear on our pre-approved vendor list, which you can snag for free!  

Electrical Companies

Here are a couple of different local electrical companies in Jacksonville that would be happy to work with you on your home design projects:


Here are a couple of different local painting companies in Jacksonville that would love to help with your next home improvement project:

Interior Designers

Here are a couple of different local interior design companies in Jacksonville that would greatly appreciate your business:

Professional Organizers

Here are a few different local professional organizing companies in Jacksonville that would get your home in tip-top shape in no time:

Interior Design Stores

Here are a few different local interior design stores in Jacksonville that would be eternally grateful for your patronage:

Hardware Stores

Here are a few different local hardware stores in Jacksonville that would be happy to help you find all the supplies, tools, and hardware you need:

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