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As the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine offers everything the modern resident needs to get by. Some might assume the city is old and stuffy due to its age and historical tourist attractions, but St. Augustine is also known for its shopping district, malls, galleries, downtown area, live music, and a long 42-mile stretch of beautiful beaches. There’s a reason six million people visit St. Augustine every year.

Not only is it located near Jacksonville in case you want to get a feel of the “big” city life, but there are also boat tours, ghost tours, helicopter tours, and sunset cruises that offer unique glimpses of our oldest city. Whether you want to go to the beach to relax or visit the bustling downtown area, St. Augustine is known for its walkability and allows residents and tourists to easily see and do whatever they are in the mood for. Some of the most popular features and attractions of St. Augustine include:

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