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9 Inspiring Bathroom Renovation Ideas

By June 17, 2021No Comments

Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Jacksonville


If you’re looking for some bathroom renovation inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve devoured 2021 bathroom trends and picked out our favorite ideas from the bunch. Even though it’s such a small area of the home, bathrooms get a lot of foot traffic and definitely deserve your undivided attention.

9 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Get You Inspired

Whether you’re dealing with a half-bath, a guest bathroom, or the master, there are countless ways to renovate a bathroom. So, pick the ones you like most that fit within your budget, and try to have fun with them. Here are nine of our favorite bathroom upgrades to help get those creative juices flowing.

1. A Waterfall Shower

This is such a fun and exciting bathroom renovation project. The waterfall shower head is meant to facilitate the feeling of raindrops. These walk-in showers sometimes even have multiple shower heads to mimic the full coverage of a natural waterfall. What’s cooler than that? For an extra upgrade, install a shower seat so you have somewhere to sit and relax while you get clean.

2. A Jacuzzi Tub

Typically reserved for master bathrooms, this renovation idea is at the top of the list for many new homebuyers. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love to soak and relax in a giant jacuzzi tub? Just light some candles, grab a good book, and let the jets massage away all those worries.

3. Double Vanity Sinks

Are you tired of having to share your sink? Double vanity sinks, otherwise known as “his and her sinks,” are an incredibly beneficial bathroom renovation idea. It’s all about convenience and providing individualized space. Of course, it also looks great to prospective homebuyers.

4. Heated Floors

Do you dread getting out of the bath or shower, knowing that the floors are ice cold? Well, why not install heated floors? This is undoubtedly a luxury bathroom renovation idea, but definitely worth the expense. In fact, it might be more affordable than you’d think.

5. Stone Tiles

Elevate the look of your entire bathroom by replacing that old tile with something new and exciting. Stone tiles are elegant, luxurious, and stylish. With options like granite, limestone, onyx, and travertine, you can have durable, waterproof floors to completely revolutionize the design aesthetic in your bathroom.

6. Custom Vanity

A custom vanity can be a great place to get ready for the day, apply makeup, or just sit and relax. Additional upgrades like vanity lights and mirrors can turn your ordinary vanity into something fit for royalty or a movie star. Why settle for a basic renovation when you can choose something extraordinary?

7. Color Stories

Updating your color story is an affordable DIY renovation idea that can significantly impact the look and style of your bathroom. Painting the walls and fixtures, updating the shower curtain, and hanging some cute décor can make all the difference.

8. Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are incredibly popular due to their modern and beautiful design. They sit right on top of the vanity and typically have deep basins to catch water. Paired with your favorite faucet design, this renovation idea can make a bold statement and wow your guests.

9. New Counters

While you’re renovating your bathroom, why not upgrade those countertops? From marble and granite to laminate and solid surface, you can’t go wrong with a brand-new countertop. Pair this idea with new floors and an updated color story to make the most of your bathroom renovation.

Looking for Your Dream Home?

If you live in Jacksonville or anywhere in Northeast Florida and would rather find your dream home than spend all that money renovating your current one, you should contact the Welch Team today! We’d be happy to help you find a home with updated and renovated bathrooms that are perfect for you and your family.