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Heading a short ways east from St. Augustine, you’ll find Hastings, a quiet town in Florida. It’s known for its farms, especially growing potatoes and cabbage, making it the “Potato Capital of Florida.”

As you travel through this quaint town, you’ll see old homes and shops in the East Hastings Historic District. These buildings tell the story of Hastings and how it grew over time.

If you head even farther east, you’ll reach Al Wilke Park. Families often gather here for picnics, and kids have fun on the playgrounds. It’s a nice spot to enjoy nature.

Keep going, and you’ll come across the St. Johns River. It’s a great place for fishing and boating, and you can catch stunning sunrises by the water.

Right in the middle of Hastings is the East Coast Railway Museum. It shows how important the railroad was for this town and the whole region of North Florida.

Even though Hastings is small, it holds big charm, thanks to its history, and connection to nature. It’s a special place with farms, historic streets, and a story to tell.

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