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6 Ways to Increase Airbnb Bookings

By April 24, 2023No Comments


1.Use Social Media to your Advantage

A great way to increase your bookings is through connections and networking. If you promote your Airbnb in your personal Facebook account, people may be able to see that you two have a connection which builds rapport and trust! People want to use services they trust and know, having a connection will help establish security! You can also use social media to market your Airbnb. You can attach it to your personal account and make a page for the rental. On that page you can post customer reviews, professionally staged photos, and background about the unit.

2. Get Guest Reviews

Guest testimonials are a great thing for consumers to see when they come to your page. The first thing any consumer does before they book is look at the price and then the reviews. It is a proven fact that better reviews on a product or service leads to more usage of that product or service!

3. The Price is Right

It is important that your rental is appropriately priced. Make sure you do your research beforehand to see how other people in your area are pricing their rental. Factors to consider when pricing are location approximate to main attractions and tourist spots, seasonality, competing hotel prices, time left to book, amenities, and reviews. It’s important to consider if the unit is updated or needs updating, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how well the outside is maintained, and current appliances and furniture. You can use Airbnb’s own pricing calculator to see what your property should be rented at for the moment.

4. Responsiveness

When managing your Airbnb it is important to have an appropriate response time. The max that you should wait to respond to a potential client is 24 hours. Any more than that is most likely a lost lead! It is ideal to respond to them 1-2 hours after their inquiry. A helpful tip is to set notifications on your calendar daily to check your booking contacts.

5. Curb Appeal

Your unit should be well maintained on the outside. If you have a front or backyard space, the area needs to be tidy and well groomed. Having an outdoor space can make or break your ability to get bookings and can be used heavily to your advantage!

6.Professional Photography

That brings us into our last tip. If you have a great outdoor space, it is a smart idea to get professional photography done on the outside of the house. Professional photos are the best way to capture potential client’s attention right off the bat before they even look at your reviews or anything else!

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