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10 Tips for Getting Your Home Organized for the New Year

By December 28, 2022February 13th, 2024No Comments

The start of 2023 is the perfect time to organize your home. But let’s face it: facing the onslaught of clutter and chaos can be incredibly overwhelming! So, to make organizing your home more manageable, we’ve come up with some simple tips to help you create a more organized and pleasant living space in 2023.

10 Easy Organization Tips to Ring in the New Year

Whether you want to tackle your space room by room or focus on the big picture overall, we’re here to help you make the process manageable and efficient. Here are ten simple tips for organizing your home for the New Year.

1. Make a Plan

Before you start organizing, make sure you have a plan. Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish, what areas or items need the most attention and how much time, effort and money you have for this project. Setting goals and mapping out the strategy for each room will make it much easier to stay on track and efficient when organizing.

2. Create a Space Saving System

One of the most essential things you can do is find ways to maximize your space. Invest in storage options like shelves and baskets to easily access certain items. Use the area under your beds, hanging shoe organizers, and buckets to maximize the space in each room.

3. Get Creative With the Layout

Take some time to evaluate each room and get creative with your layout. Rearrange furniture to help create more functional space. Move couches to a corner or a back wall to help open up rooms. If something doesn’t work, try to figure out why and find a better solution that helps create a more efficient layout.

4. Declutter

Now’s the time to dig deep and get rid of anything you don’t need or don’t use regularly. This is the time to be honest about items that are no longer necessary and no longer fit your current lifestyle. Create a designated area for donations and garbage and start filling it up!

5. Let Go of Sentimental Items

Sentimental items can be challenging to part with, but if you’re trying to organize your home for the New Year, this is a great time to assess items you’ve held on to for too long. Scan any photos you’re attached to or frame them if you want to keep them around. Create an album to keep all the pictures and mementos that no longer have room in your home. If there’s something you want to keep, then find a way to keep it that doesn’t add to the clutter and chaos you’re trying to solve.

6. Reorganize Everyday Items

Figure out a system that works for you and your family when it comes to items you use every day, like keys, sunglasses, shoes, and coats. Having a designated place will make it easier for everyone to participate in the organization. Utilize shelves or strategically place hooks in the entryway to make it easy to grab what you need on the go.

7. Set Up A Homework Station

If you have children, then keeping their stuff organized can be one of your biggest challenges. So, designate a central place where your kids can work on homework, art projects, and TV shows. This space will make it easier for your kids to focus on their work and stay organized.

8. Organize Your Closet

A clean, organized closet can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. Start by taking an inventory of all your clothes and decide what you want to keep or donate. Break your closet into zones that make it easy to grab what you want when you want it. You can also implement a color-coding system or use hangers with multiple same-color t-shirts for a more efficient approach.

9. Attack One Room at a Time

Rather than tackling the entire house at once, pick one room to focus on first and then move on to the next. Give each room its own strategy, like repainting and redecorating or finding a system that works for the type of items in that room. Organizing your kitchen will be much different than organizing your children’s playroom.

10. Working with a Professional Organizer

Last but not least, don’t forget to enlist some professional help if needed. Working with a professional organizer can help you manage high levels of clutter, find efficient storage solutions, and declutter your home quickly and efficiently. This may not be possible for everyone, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you have the budget for it.

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Organizing your home for the New Year doesn’t have to be daunting. Take the time to plan ahead and devise a strategy for each room of your home. This will help make the process more manageable and efficient.

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