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There's no "i" in team

There’s no ‘i’ in Team

Christina Welch graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and struggled to find her passion until she became a Real Estate broker, never to look back. As she herself claims, she chose the worst timing to get into the real estate business. However, having had so many problems at the beginning of her career also had the effect of developing her incredible problem-solving skills.


In 2006, Christina started building her first team for her very own real estate business. Although she learned as she went, it took her only 4 years to grow it into one of the state’s top real estate teams, helping homeowners get out of distress homes and allowing buyers to find the house of their dreams.


In this episode of real estate excellence, Christina sit down with Host, Tracy Hayes, and talks about how she builds her real estate team, how she keeps consistent sales during crises and times of uncertainty in the markets, and how she grew from the ground up into a highly successful broker and businesswoman.


Make sure to tune in to learn why there’s no I in team and why problems can often be our greatest opportunities.


[00:00:00 – 00:10:00] Introducing our guest, Christina Welch

  • Correcting the name of the R. E. Bar Camp (as opposed to Rebar Camp).
  • Christina talks about how and why she handles everything in her business and how she narrows down interesting rental and buying properties for her clients.
  • Christina talks about how she keeps her team motivated and talks to clients in low-moving markets.


[00:10:01 – 00:20:00] How to keep your sales going during difficult times

  • Why you should talk real numbers with customers and stop listening to national media to listen to local media instead.
  • How to address the worries of sellers in regard to falling prices.
  • How Christina advises new agents to act in the current market uncertainty.
  • The importance of going to networking events to communicate what’s taking place in the market.


[00:20:01 – 00:35:00] Overcoming tough moments in the markets and the team

  • How to properly price properties in a moving market.
  • Why you cannot sugar coat any situations to sellers regarding their properties, and how to tell them the hard truths.
  • How Christina started her team in 2011, why she decided to form a team and how this helped her progress in her real estate career.
  • How to handle the first few rough months when you begin in the real estate business. Transition periods for new teammates.
  • Creating value for new teammates is important for keeping them doing a good job by your side.


[00:35:01 – 00:50:00] Strengthening your team and learning to sell during a crisis

  • You want your teammates to shine and be known as experts in their fields.
  • Christina talks about the books she is currently reading and listening to, citing Selling in a Crisis by Jeb Blount.
  • Blount recommends getting back to the basics of sales in his book and working in markets where you need to have tough conversations.
  • The basic principles of self-development and sales remain the same, even if they’re taught in different ways by different authors.
  • Christina talks about the importance of reading and keeping constant learning, which she does to pass that knowledge to her new teammates.
  • Christina reveals her secrets for recruiting, getting leads, and keeping for years in the business.
  • Christina talks about the importance of expression and body language for potential recruits.


[00:50:01 – 01:10:00] What it takes to become a part of a top real estate team

  • Why many interviews for new recruits in Christina’s team don’t work, as they don’t provide proper answers to her questions.
  • Christina talks about her process of starting her first team and how she failed to build a proper team in the beginning.
  • Any personality type can work in real estate, but they all have different ways of communicating.
  • The importance of learning to process and control emotions for real estate agents and not let clients’ emotionality get to them.
  • Every closing has its own problems and rough spots, and it’s up to real estate agents to handle them. Christina coaches her new agents on this.


[01:10:01 – 01:20:17] Christina’s biggest mistake and closing thoughts

  • Tracy asks Christina about her biggest mistake working in real estate.
  • Christina states that getting too emotionally attached to some of her teammates who weren’t productive enough led her to lose money and potential business.
  • Brokers need to be a cold, and separate business from their friendships and relationships with teammates.
  • Mistakes help you grow, and you shouldn’t compare to others when measuring your progress but compare yourself to your previous self.
  • Who you know is more important than what you know because what you know doesn’t really matter unless you have someone to share that knowledge with.




“Who you know is more important than what you know because if you only know so much, it can only go so far unless you’re sharing that knowledge with someone else.” -Christina Welch


“Real estate is not about the houses that you’re selling. It’s about the people that you’re influencing. You want to improve their lives by helping them move and find the place of their dreams.” -Christina Welch


“If you want to build a strong team, you need somebody who has a drive and a work ethic, and that is something hard to interview for. This is why it takes a special intuition to find the right teammates.” -Christina Welch


“Failing and learning from our mistakes has helped me and my team create systems that actually work. This is how you grow as a person and a business.” -Christina Welch


“On one occasion, my emotional attachment to a person on my team prevented me from firing them when it was needed. But the love for my team is also what allows us to be a team and overcome difficulties. There’s no I in team.” -Christina Welch


Make sure to follow Christina and learn more about her business and mindset by following her on LinkedIn and Twitter. You may also get in contact with her on Instagram, and Facebook, and keep in tune with her video content on her YouTube channel.


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