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6 Ways to Befriend Your Neighbors

By September 7, 2022February 13th, 2024No Comments


Making friends as an adult can be challenging. Outside of work, you are rarely presented with opportunities to meet new people. Fortunately, almost every home comes with neighbors, enabling you to meet and create new, lifelong friendships. Plus, befriending your neighbors can be highly beneficial for safety, security, and overall comfort. 

6 Ideas for Becoming Friends With Your Neighbors

Unfortunately, befriending and getting to know your neighbors isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible. If you’ve found yourself in a place where you’d like to become friends with your neighbors but aren’t sure how to accomplish it, you’re in luck. Here are six ways to become friends with your neighbors.

1. Bring Over a Homemade Dessert or Baked Goods

Nothing smells or tastes like a newfound friendship more than a homemade basket of baked goods. So, if you’re interested in getting to know your new neighbors, why not whip them up something special? This will help you make introductions and give you an opportunity to show off your baking chops. 

2. Invite Your Neighbors Over for Dinner

If you like that one, then you’ll love this. Here’s another food-related idea for befriending your neighbors! Invite them over for dinner and spend an evening socializing and getting to know each other. Don’t forget to ask for any food allergies or diet preferences!

3. Embrace Small Talk

Friendships are built over time, but they all start the same way – with small talk. So, if you’re interested in building friendly relationships with your neighbors, you must embrace the small talk. Talk about the weather, compliment their lawn, garden, or stylish outdoor décor, and openly discuss happenings in the neighborhood! 

4. Spend More Time Outdoors

The best way to become friends with your neighbors is to see them. And the most effective way to make sure you cross paths with your neighbors is to spend more time outdoors. Every time you see them, greet them with a smile, a wave, and maybe a few words. Over time, those small opportunities will grow into bigger opportunities! 

5. Join Neighborhood Social Groups

Joining local community and neighborhood social groups (via social media) will give you ample opportunity to interact with your neighbors in a mostly neutral setting. Plus, you’ll be able to learn about community events and neighborhood gatherings! This is also an excellent way to stay up to date with things happening in your community.

6. Host a Yard Sale and Invite Your Neighbors to Participate

Hosting a yard sale is a tried-and-true way to get to know your neighbors. Who can resist a sale happening right next door? And if you want to host a yard sale in your front yard, you can invite your neighbors to participate. Not only will this give you an excellent opportunity to socialize with them, but it’ll also most likely make your yard sale more successful!

Looking for New Neighbors?

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