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Why You Should Attend Local Colleges in Northeast Florida

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Local colleges and universities are known for affordability, intimate classroom settings, and, in some cases, shorter commutes. But when you attend a local college in Northeast Florida, you get much more. Here are the colleges and universities in Northeast Florida and why you should attend them!

Northeast Florida Local Colleges You Should Attend and Why You Should Attend Them!

Here are some of the best colleges and universities in Northeast Florida and the reasons you should attend them!

1. Flagler College

Located in St. Augustine, Flagler College is a private liberal arts college steeped in history. It was founded in 1968 and offers a wide array of undergraduate programs and one master’s program. It’s also highly recognized as one of the best schools in the entire country. Here are two reasons to attend Flagler College!

Highly Ranked Education

Their liberal arts program is among the top in the state, offering students a wide array of classes and programs they can’t access at other universities. Schools like Flagler College help make Florida the best state in the country for higher education!

Proximity to Beaches

Plus, if you attend Flagler College, you’re within driving distance of some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the entire world. So, if you’re looking for a college close to the beach, you won’t get much closer than this!

2. University of North Florida (UNF)

The University of North Florida is a public research university located in Jacksonville with a wide array of undergraduate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate programs. It’s a nationally ranked university, serving as the northernmost part of the State University System of Florida. Here are two reasons to attend the University of North Florida!

A Growing Job Market

Jacksonville has recently ranked within the country’s top five best job markets. So, if you attend the University of North Florida, you gain access to high-level job opportunities you won’t get anywhere else.

High-Ranking Business Program

The University of North Florida also offers one of the best business programs in the country. So, if you’re interested in business, business management, or pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, UNF is the school for you!

3. Florida State College

The Florida State College is located in Jacksonville on a beautiful campus not far from Downtown Jax. It has earned the title of “state college” because it offers several four-year bachelor’s degree programs, which isn’t typical among many community colleges across the country. Here are two reasons to attend Florida State College!


Attending Florida State College is a wise decision for anyone looking for high-quality education at a fraction of the price of other colleges. It also remains one of the highest-ranking schools in the state, despite having some of the lowest tuition and fees in the country. 

Post-Graduate Job Placement

Florida State College also boasts a 95% post-graduation job placement and transfer rate, with an average salary of $44,956 for graduates. So, if you’re looking for a valuable education that will end with gainful employment, this is where you need to start. 

4. Jacksonville University

Founded in 1934, Jacksonville University is a private university located in the city’s Arlington district. It offers a four-year program with over seventy majors and minors available to its students. Plus, the campus is absolutely gorgeous, with a nature preserve, beautiful lakes, nature trails, and more. Here are two reasons to attend Jacksonville University!

Internships and Job Opportunities

Jacksonville University offers extensive networking opportunities and job fairs that help put you in touch with hiring managers for local businesses and corporations. This gives you a higher opportunity for gaining employment once you graduate!

Proximity to Downtown Jax

When you attend Jacksonville University, you gain access to Downtown Jax and its thriving, big city nightlife. There are hundreds of unique boutiques, amazing shops, international event spaces, and more that you can explore by attending this affordable local university. 

5. Trinity Baptist College

Trinity Baptist is another private institution in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded in 1974 and offers courses in criminal justice, business information systems, pharmacy technician, medical assisting, and operations management. Here are two reasons to attend Trinity Baptist College!

Christian Values

If you’re looking for an education that prioritizes the Christian worldview, then Trinity Baptist College is the school for you. Trinity’s faculty prides itself on preparing students for a future of service, purpose, and national leadership.

Close-Knit Communities 

Northeast Florida is a place that is known for thriving local communities, and when you attend Trinity Baptist College, you become a part of the family! They also like to keep their classrooms small and intimate so that people get lots of one-on-one experience with professors and other students. And their campus is filled with daily, weekly, and monthly activities, offering social clubs and entertainment for all students, no matter their interests.

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