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Pros and Cons of Living In Jax in 2022

By August 22, 2022February 13th, 2024No Comments

Are you considering moving to Jacksonville but aren’t sure if it’s the right place for you? Deciding where to live can be stressful, so you shouldn’t come to any conclusions lightly. So, to help with your decision, we’ve done a bit of research into the various advantages and disadvantages of living in this unique city. 

Here are the pros and cons of living in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2022.

Pros of Living in Jacksonville in 2022

Let’s face it! There are many reasons you may want to live in Jacksonville, ranging from the cost of living, nature, community, events, and more. Here are five advantages of calling Jacksonville your new home.

1. Affordable Living

While most of the country has been suffering from rising housing costs, record-high interest rates, and super-high inflation rates, Northeast Florida has remained an affordable place to live. In fact, Jacksonville housing costs have stayed much lower than the national and state averages. 

2. Beaches

Jacksonville touches the St. Johns River and the North Atlantic Ocean. So, when you live in Jacksonville, you also get access to some of the most beautiful, white sandy beaches in the world. It’s the ideal place for you to live if you love the beach, surfing, swimming, cool ocean breezes, and sunny weather.

3. Beautiful Weather

Speaking of the weather, that’s another reason you should consider moving to Jacksonville. Jax gets 221 sunny days on average per year, making it one of the sunniest cities in the country! So, if you want to live somewhere with near-perfect weather year-round, Jacksonville is the city for you.

4. Nature

Aside from the beaches, Jacksonville is also known for its countless parks and nature preserves. This is a city that values and prioritizes the preservation of natural beauty. So, if you’re into untouched landscapes and hiking through natural wonders, you might find the perfect home in Jacksonville. 

5. Big City, Small-Town Atmosphere

Another benefit to living in Jacksonville is that you get all the big city amenities but none of the big city problems. Jacksonville is famous for having a small-town atmosphere, including all the great things that come along with that. The communities are close-knit, the people are friendly, and the environment is relaxed.

Cons of Living in Jacksonville in 2022

While there are several reasons to live in Jacksonville, there are also a few disadvantages. And you might be surprised that a couple of them are linked to the same issue. Here are three reasons you might avoid living in Jacksonville in 2022.

1. Public Transportation

Many believe that the public transportation in Jacksonville is a little outdated and needs some work. A little public funding into modern systems could solve this issue, but for now, it remains a strike in the con column. While this isn’t necessarily a problem for all residents, it has created a ripple effect that impacts the city’s traffic issues.

2. Traffic

As a result of the public transportation issues, residents of Jacksonville are forced to own a car. If you want to get almost anywhere in the city, you’ll likely want to drive yourself or waste a lot of money on ridesharing. As a result, traffic in the city can get backed up, which impacts drive time and driver disposition. 

3. Hurricanes

The last and final reason why you might not want to live in Jacksonville in 2022 is due to hurricanes. This is a common downside to living anywhere near the coast. Thankfully, in cities all across Northeast Florida, there are systems in place that make life safer and ultimately limit the damage caused by hurricanes.

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