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6 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry in 2022

By January 13, 2022No Comments

Are you interested in getting organized in 2022? Are you tired of all the clutter and have made it your New Year’s resolution to finally clear it out? If you plan on maximizing the space in your home this year, why not start by organizing your pantry?

Pantries are often neglected because they’re difficult to organize, and getting your pantry from chaos to clean is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create a comprehensive list of pantry organization tips from experts around the globe. Here are six tips for organizing your pantry.

1. Clean Before You Start

It’s going to be overwhelming if you try to organize without cleaning first. That’s why you should start by pulling everything out of the pantry before you begin, so you can start with a blank slate. And while you’re in there, you should also dust the shelves, sweep the floors, and wipe everything down, so that everything is super clean before you get started.

2. Put Everything in Categories

Once you pull everything from the pantry, divide each item into separate categories: canned veggies, chips, beans, grains, noodles, coffee, snack foods, wine, etc. Get as specific as you’d like. They’ll be much easier to organize once they’re split into different categories.

3. Use Containers

One of the best ways to save space and create a clean, organized aesthetic is to use containers. Containers allow you to get rid of all that excess packaging, making room for more stuff. Plus, containers are stackable and uniformly shaped, making them easier to store.

4. Label Everything

Label makers are an organizer’s best friend (especially if you’re using containers). Remember to print the labels in large font, so they’re easy to read. Also, make sure they’re facing outward when you put them in the pantry.

5. Use All the Space (Including Doors and Empty Walls)

There’s a lot of space in the average pantry that goes completely unused – and that’s a terrible waste. So, when you’re organizing your pantry, be sure to use all the space you can. 

You can get shelves that hang on your doors, attachable hangers for grocery bags, and storage containers that can be attached to the wall. All these items are relatively affordable and make organizing your pantry super easy.

6. Create a Kid-Friendly Section

If you have young kiddos running around, you might create a kid-friendly section in your pantry that they can reach. This is an excellent place to store juice and snacks that they love and makes it possible for them to lend a hand when putting away groceries. Labels and simplistic designs are crucial here because it enables them to keep their section of the pantry clean and organized, so you don’t have to.

Not Happy With Your Current Pantry?

Did all this information on the best ways to organize your pantry make you realize you might want to find something a little different? Are you interested in finding a new home this year with a larger pantry to obsess over? If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

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