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The Best Surfing Spots in Northeast Florida

By June 22, 2022No Comments

While Florida hasn’t always been considered the surf capital of the United States, that hasn’t hurt its thriving surf culture. Nor has it impacted the incredible tides, swells, and breaks that call Northeast Florida beaches home. 

So, if you find yourself in the Sunshine state searching for a reliable or challenging surf spot, you’re in luck! We have some of the most beautiful and active beaches in the world where amateurs, experts, and everyone in between can catch some waves. Here are the best surfing spots in Florida.  

The Best Surf Spots in St. Augustine and St. Johns County

St. Augustine and St. Johns County are packed with gorgeous beaches, crystal blue waters, and some of the most active surf spots in the country. With awesome surf shops, epic waves, monster curls, and the biggest breaks you’ve ever seen, we have everything a modern surfer could ever want. Here are the best surf spots in St. Johns County and St. Augustine.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is home to some of the most consistent and reliable breaks in the entire state. It may not deliver the biggest breaks or insane swells that some other spots offer, but it is a great place to get started. So, if you want a day of getting back to basics or leisurely surfing, this is your spot.

Flagler Pier

Located near Flagler Beach, Flagler Pier is another surf spot for consistent and reliable breaks. Again, it may not be the spot for someone looking for the next big wave, but it is a great place for beginners to get their boards wet. If you’re looking for reliable surfing, lots of sunshine, and beautiful water, Flagler Pier should be your next destination. 


Blowhole is infamous and might be one of Florida’s most popular surfing spots. At one point, this spot created a reliable number of massive waves and huge breaks. Unfortunately, the topography has changed due to construction in the area, so the location has lost a bit of its luster. But it’s still an excellent place for intermediate-level surfers to test their skills.

Ponte Vedra

Home to Mickler’s Landing, Ponte Vedra (nicknamed PV) is an incredibly popular spot among local surfers. The best time to hit this beach is just after a storm. That’s when you’ll get the best swells and breaks. That being said, there isn’t a wrong time to catch a wave at Ponte Vedra. 

The Middles

Much like Blowhole, The Middles was once famous for delivering some of the state’s most insane curls and massive swells. It has since become a more mellow spot, with even-tempered waters and consistent breaks. But if you’re looking to capture some of The Middles’ old glory, you should check it out during the winter months – that’s when you’ll find some of the most epic waves in Northeast Florida.

Vilano Beach

If you’re looking for massive breaks with a little less consistency, Vilano Beach is where you need to be. Located near the St. Augustine Inlet, this spot is known for delivering challenging swells that even experienced riders can’t master. And what it lacks in consistency, it makes up for in thrills. 

The Best Surf Spots in Jacksonville

Here in Jacksonville, we’re located right along a seemingly endless stretch of the North Atlantic coast. That means beautiful beaches and incredible spots to catch some serious waves. So, before you hit the beaches in St. Johns County, don’t forget to check out the top surf spots in Jacksonville, too!

Jacksonville Beach Pier

Just south of Neptune Beach, Jax Beach, and Atlantic Beach, the Jacksonville Beach Pier is full of sand breaks that offer easy access to some of the most consistent swells in the state. You can expect waves chest-high or two-feet overhead, making this an ideal spot for surfers of all levels.  

Mayport Poles

Mayport Poles is a fun spot to catch some waves near Jacksonville. This location is pretty popular, so there are heavy local crowds during the weekend, but that shouldn’t spoil any fun! This spot is known for consistency and challenging breaks, so it’s best for intermediate to experienced riders. 

Huguenot Park

Huguenot Park is another spot known for fun, challenging waves. Much like Mayport Poles, it’s a popular spot that pulls in a lot of local traffic. But if you’re looking for an area known for big breaks and punishing waves, Huguenot Park is the spot for you.

Atlantic Beach

Just south of Mayport Poles, you’ll find Atlantic Beach. This spot usually draws a smaller crowd than some of the others we’ve already mentioned. Surfers here like to keep to themselves, so the crowd is typically spread a little thin. As a result, it’s an excellent area for beginners who are still trying to master the basics. 

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