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A Closer Look at North Jacksonville

By December 29, 2021No Comments

Located in northernmost Florida, just below the Georgia state line, North Jacksonville is a beautiful and thriving area to live. As a member of the North Jax community, you get access to all of Jacksonville’s gorgeous sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, and endless things to do. Our community-centric vision and commitment to entertainment, safety, and education make this an excellent place to plant roots, raise a family, and retire. 


As a part of Duval county, North Jacksonville has access to some of the best schools in the entire country. Northside Jacksonville is known for investing in the future of its citizens, especially its children. As far as citywide demographics go, the median household income is $56,975, and the median property value is $200,200.

Jacksonville has a population of 911,528, making it the 12th most populated city in America. As such, there are countless business, art, and educational opportunities. This is an area where people from all over the country travel to make their dreams come true.

Things to Do in North Jax

And if you’re looking for things to do in North Jax, you’re in luck! It doesn’t matter if you’re a city person who likes to stick to nightclubs, bars, and concrete sidewalks or a nature person who’d rather take a boat on the water or go on a three-mile hike. Jacksonville has something for everyone.

On the nature side of things, Jacksonville has one of the largest urban park systems in the entire country, covering 80,000 acres, including three national parks, seven state parks, and over four hundred city parks. It’s also within driving distance from some of the most beautiful, white-sandy beaches in the world.

Nicknamed the “First Coast,” the beaches in Northeast Florida are unrivaled globally. In this area, there’s a beach for everything: surfing, waterskiing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, and more. You’ll never run out of fun, beach-related activities in this part of the Sunshine State. 

And if you live in North Jacksonville, you also have the closest access to The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. If you love exotic animals like African lions, Aldabra tortoises, North American black bears, southern white rhinoceroses, western lowland gorillas, and more – this is the place for you. They also offer delicious local cuisine, educational programs, and access to their gorgeously lush botanical gardens.

And if you’re a foodie who’s primarily interested in tasting delicious food, you should check out some local favorites! Be sure to stop by Blue Boy Sandwich Shop for the best sandwiches in Jacksonville, Joseph’s Pizza, Jacksonville’s oldest pizzeria dating back to 1956, and Terry’s Grill for great southern grub all day long. There’s a delicious restaurant on every street corner in North Jax, so no matter where you decide to eat, you can’t go wrong!

Active Listings in North Jacksonville

Are you looking for homes for sale in Norths Jacksonville? Here are the amazing listings we currently have available:

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Don’t miss the opportunity to change your life and find the home of your dreams. If you’re interested in checking out one of these locations or have any questions, contact the Welch Team today!