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The Knock Home Swap Program

By March 25, 2021No Comments
The Knock Home Swap Program

When you start playing with the idea of buying a new home, you’ll probably run into the age-old question. Should I buy or sell first? If you have the money to pay two mortgages simultaneously, you could buy your new home first. Many people don’t have that option, so they choose to start with selling. If you choose this option, you will most likely have to put an offer in on a new home that is contingent on selling your home first, which may put your offer in jeopardy.

The agents at Welch Team are all Knock Certified which means we can quickly assist you with applying for the Knock Home Swap program. This is a revolutionary way to buy and sell. 

How It Works

The Knock Home Swap program is broken down into three simple steps. With this program, it’s never been easier to transition into a new home. Buy your new home, without having to sell your old home first. 

Step 1. Get Approved for a Home Loan

It’ll take less than three minutes to find out if you’re pre-qualified for a home loan with the Knock Home Swap program. You’ll work directly with a Welch Team agent to facilitate this process. At Welch Team, we are all Realtors. Knock is a lender – so think of them just as you would when applying for any home mortgage. Knock will check your credit, verify your assets, debts, and income, and then assign you to a Mortgage Loan Advisor. Once you’re approved for your new mortgage (which can take less than 48 hours), you move to step 2.

Step 2. Buy Your New Home

This is the best part of the process and likely the one you’re most looking forward to. Once you’re approved for a new home loan, you can start searching for your dream home. We will help you find the home that’s right for you and fits within your budget. Once you have that, we’ll make an offer (and since you are working with Knock, your offer will NOT be contingent upon the sale of your current home). After the offer is accepted, you’ll start planning your big move. Since you  can close on your new home, prior to selling your current home; you just get to sit back and enjoy life in your brand-new dream home!

Step 3. Sell Your Old Home

That’s right, this is the last and final step. You’re already living in your dream home at this point.

First, you have to prep your old house for sale. You have the option of getting up to $25,000 to make improvements to your home to get the highest return! Once the house is ready to sell, your agent (that’s us!) will list your home. Once the house sells, you’ll use the money from the sale to pay back Knock for any costs accrued during the 3-step process, plus the standard closing costs, and you’re good to go! 

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using the Knock Home Swap Program. Just imagine not having to worry about showing your home while you are living in it! You won’t have to pay two mortgages simultaneously or worry about where you’re going to live during the transition period. It provides certainty that you’ll be able to move through the steps without issues because you’re already pre-approved for a home loan before we even begin. This pre-approval process also allows you to place strong bids on your dream home. Last, it saves you money because you only have to move once, you won’t have to pay for two mortgages, and you’ll get a hefty advance to prep your home for sale, which will ultimately increase the sale value.


Welch Team is committed to helping our clients buy and sell their homes with as little hassle as possible. That’s why we use Knock Home Swap. This program makes the buying and selling process easier than it’s ever been. If you would like to hear more about the Knock Home Swap program and are looking for a new home in Jacksonville or anywhere in Northeast Florida, contact us today!