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Community Spotlight – Riverside Jacksonville FL

By February 2, 2021No Comments
Community Spotlight - Riverside Jacksonville FL

If you’re looking for a community that firmly believes in preserving its history when relocating to Northeast Florida, look no further than the Riverside community of Jacksonville, Florida. Both Riverside and its neighbor to the southwest, Avondale, are actually listed on the National Register of Historic Districts due to their efforts in maintaining properties that date back to their origins in the late 1800s. But they also showcase a variety of architectural styles that span this area’s more than 130 years of existence.

Riverside Community of Jacksonville, FL

A Little History

Riverside and Avondale both started out as plantation land when it was first plated in 1868. Jacksonville annexed the area in 1887 for a streetcar line. After downtown Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901, residents fled out to Riverside to seek new housing. The wealthy built their mansions along the river. After the Florida land boom collapsed and the Great Depression set in in the 1920s, architects chose to experiment with different styles in this quaint community. Thus, the wide range of architectural styles that we still see to this day.

In the early 1960s, Interstate 95 opened up in the Jacksonville area brought more commercial development into the area, as well as more people in search of homes. While some old historic homes were demolished to make way for St. Vincent’s Medical Center and other office buildings, a group of citizens fought to create the Riverside Historic District in an effort to save the community’s history. It was the first of its kind in Jacksonville. Today, the Riverside Avondale Preservation Commission remains one of the largest organizations of its type in the country.


Almost 45% of Riverside’s population falls within the 22 to 39 age range, according to Statistical Atlas. The majority of the working class in Riverside work white-collar jobs at private companies. The average household income in Riverside is $65,672. 

Riverside Area Amenities

Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens sits in the Riverside community. Commercial districts like Five Points, King St. District, and The Shoppes of Avondale are also located here. Foodies love the dozens of unique restaurants you can only find right here in Riverside. Plus the various shops and boutiques offer a little something for everyone.

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If you’re interested in relocating to Riverside or Avondale, contact the Welch Team. We’d be happy to show you around.