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Located five miles southwest of the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Murray Hill is about as diverse of a neighborhood as you can get. After a bit of decline in the latter part of the 20th century, Murray Hill’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. With great restaurants and local businesses opening up on its historic streets, the neighborhood is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Hipsters, young families, and aging residents all call this neighborhood home. 

Murray Hill Neighborhood of Jacksonville

100+ Years in the Making

After the Great Fire of 1901, developers began to plat Murray Hill for new community development. With Henry Ford beginning to ramp up his assembly-line process of manufacturing, developers kept automobiles in mind when designing the Murray Hill neighborhood. That was extremely forward-thinking of them since cars were still a relatively new concept. They included paved roads and detached garages in their plans.

Unfortunately, by the mid-1920s, the town fell deeply into debt. In 1925, Jacksonville annexed the town in an effort to regain its title as the largest city in Florida. (Tampa snatched that title away from them for a brief time before that.) The city began a resurgence again during WWII, with the opening of NAS Jacksonville located on the Westside. But, when families began moving to the suburbs in the 1950s and 60s, Murray Hill declined again. Luckily, efforts to reinvigorate the city’s main thoroughfare have helped breathe new life into the area.

Things to Do

There’s a reason people consider this the Carb Capital of Jacksonville. In the last few years. dozens of fantastic eateries set up shop in this lovely neck of the woods. Breakfast? Maple Street Biscuit Company offers the flakiest pastries. Chase it with a cup o’ Joe at Vagabond Coffee. Lunch? Pick up a sandwich at Gina’s Delicatessen. Dinner? Moon River Pizza or El Jefe Tex Mex provide lip-smacking great food. Looking for a vegan option? Murrah Hillbilly serves up the best in Southern comfort food but without any meat. And you won’t even miss it.

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