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Community Spotlight – Mandarin FL

By February 2, 2021No Comments
Community Spotlight -  Mandarin FL

When relocating to Northeast Florida, Jacksonville offers a wide variety of communities to choose from. The St Johns River winds its way through the city. The Jacksonville community of Mandarin offers some of the most beautiful views of the river for its residents and visitors.

Mandarin, FL

A Little History

Like the rest of Jacksonville, the community now known as Mandarin started out as plantation land around the St Johns River. It got its name from the mandarin oranges that were cultivated here. Harriet Beecher Stowe summered in Mandarin and even wrote about it in her novel Palmetto Leaves. She described the city as a “tropical paradise”. With railroads expanding throughout Florida in the late 1800s, the local economy suffered and fell into a sharp decline. It remained that way until 1971 when the Buckman Bridge connected the city to neighboring Orange Park. That ushered new development into the area. Today, Mandarin is known as one of the most rapidly growing communities in Jacksonville. 


Mandarin is a small community housing less than 10,000 people. Almost everyone owns their home here. Renters make up just 4% of the population. The median home value for a Mandarin property is $304,728, according to This Jacksonville community also made the very top of Niche’s list of Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Jacksonville. It came in at the #6 spot on their Best Neighborhoods to Live and Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family List as well. Approximately 20% of the households in Mandarin include families with children.

Things to See & Do

Mandarin residents embrace their history. One place that sums up its link to the past is the Mandarin Museum and Walter Jones Historical Park. Built in 1876, this historic farm covers 10 acres along the St Johns River. Visitors can wander around the grounds, see the citrus groves, and even see where African American children living in Mandarin received their education at the historic St Joseph’s Mission Schoolhouse. Of course, there’s plenty of places to shop and dine as well along the river.

If you’re considering moving to Mandarin or any other great Jacksonville community, please contact the Welch Team. We’d love to show you what’s available and what makes each neighborhood unique.

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