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Are you thinking about moving to Jacksonville, FL (Jax for short) but haven’t quite found the reasons to finalize your decision? Florida tops the list for one the best places to live in the world, no matter your age, interests, or hobbies. There’s always something fun to do, the weather is gorgeous, the history is vast, and the culture is fascinating.

So, what separates Jacksonville from the rest of this great state? Here are five reasons to move to Jax in 2021.

1. Perfect Weather

With 221 sunny days per year on average, Jacksonville is one of the sunniest cities in the country. Beyond that, you can always expect ideal temperatures when you’re in Jax, fluctuating between 46°F and 90°F year-round. 

It rarely goes below 32°F in the winter or over 95°F in the summer. So, it’s never too cold, and it’s never too hot. That means more time spent outdoors, having fun, and celebrating life. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing!

2. The Great Outdoors

Jacksonville is home to the most beautiful beaches in America. You can visit Jacksonville Beach, where you can bathe in the sun or go fishing on the pier. Neptune Beach, home to the clearest, most beautiful waters you’ll ever see. Or any of the other amazing beaches, including American Beach (full of history), Fernandina Beach (popular among those with an active lifestyle), and Atlantic Beach (home to a dazzling coastal community).

And if the beach isn’t for you, there are also plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. So, whether you want to go for a hike through nature, picnic in a historic park, or take a boat on the water, there’s always something extraordinary to do in Jacksonville’s great outdoors.

3. Delicious Food

How can you say “no” to southern cuisine at its finest? Jacksonville is home to some of the best Southern chefs in the country, cooking mouth-watering cuisine. Combining the amenities of a big city with a touch of local flare, Jax also attracts some of the best chefs worldwide.

No matter what kind of food you want, Jacksonville has something incredible to offer. And if you’re a fan of seafood, you’re in luck. The seafood in Jacksonville is always fresh, locally caught, and flawlessly prepared!

4. Endless Entertainment, Day or Night!

Watch the best of the best in the world compete at the Players Championship PGA Golf Tournament. Spend the day at the annual Jacksonville Jazz Festival, a three-day concert experience that blankets Downtown Jax, providing world-class entertainment. Explore your artistic sensibilities at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens or the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. Bring your comic book and anime interests to life with WasabiCon and CollectiveCon. 

And that’s just a portion of the fun Jax has to offer! Food, fun, and entertainment is a staple of life here. So, no matter what you like to do, there’s always something fun for you in Jacksonville. 

5. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Jacksonville, FL area is significantly lower than the average in the United States. According to Data USA, the average household income in Jacksonville is $56,975, the median property value is $200,200, and 56.7% of the population owns a home. And the city is only growing, welcoming economic expansion, new business, and significant job growth. 

This makes Jacksonville a great area to live, no matter your tax bracket or household income.

Interested in Moving to Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is a beautiful place to buy a home, settle down, and raise a family. There’s always something fun to do, the city is vibrant and full of life, and you can’t beat that perfect Florida weather. If you’re in the market, searching for houses for sale in Jacksonville, contact the Welch Team today.


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