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Pool Home For Sale

This property just outside of JAX is being offered with 591 Bruen St which is connected to the property. Woodlawn has a single family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, renovated garage to air conditioned space and an added Florida room that connects to a massive deck around the above ground pool. 

Toward the back of the property is a halfway completed 2 story rental house with electric and water. It’s ready to be cleaned up and rented. Further back on the property is a full clay tennis court with a practice wall. 

You’ll notice quite a few storage containers on the property and most of them are negotiable with an acceptable contract. 591 Bruen has power and water with 2 storage containers and an RV hookup. 

This St. Johns property is primed to be finished and taken advantage of for the numerous renting capabilities.

For more information about this property, click here:

For a private viewing, call (904) 467-5539!

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