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Welcome to this blog where we’ll explore the features of a stunning home located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. This luxurious property is located just a stone’s throw away from the beach, offering the perfect blend of beachside living and modern comfort. From its spacious and sleek design to its high-end appliances and smart home technology, this property boasts a range of features that make it the perfect spot for anyone who loves to live in style. Join us as we take a closer look at the impressive features of this home and discover what makes it truly special.

  1. Location: This home is situated in the heart of Jacksonville Beach, just a short walk from the beach itself. It is also conveniently located near numerous restaurants, bars, and shops, making it an ideal spot for anyone who wants to enjoy the beach lifestyle.
  2. Size: The home is quite spacious, with a total of 3,617 square feet of living space. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as a large living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  3. Design: The home has a modern and sleek design, with clean lines and plenty of natural light. The interior features hardwood floors, high ceilings, and large windows that allow for beautiful views of the surrounding area.
  4. Kitchen: The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with high-end appliances and plenty of counter space. There is also a large island with seating for four, making it the perfect spot for entertaining guests.
  5. Outdoor space: The home has a lovely outdoor area, including a spacious balcony and a rooftop terrace with a hot tub. These spaces offer stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding area, making them perfect for relaxing or entertaining.
  6. Garage: The home has a two-car garage, which is a rare feature in this area. This is especially convenient for anyone who wants to keep their vehicles safe and secure.
  7. Smart home technology: The home is equipped with smart home technology, including a security system, automated lighting, and climate control. This allows for easy and convenient control of various features throughout the home.

Overall, this property offers a luxurious and convenient beach lifestyle, with plenty of space and high-end features. It is an ideal spot for anyone who wants to enjoy all that Jacksonville Beach has to offer while living in comfort and style.

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