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Kate Lukomskaya

Showing Assistant


Born and raised in Belarus, Kate moved to the United States in 2008. She attended the University of Arkansas on a full tennis scholarship and received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Throughout college Kate has earned multiple academic and athletic awards.

After graduating, Kate moved to Florida where she married her high school sweetheart from her home country. After receiving top coaching accreditations and working in both junior development and country club environments for 7 years, she established herself as a successful tennis coach in the area.

She says, ”My husband and I started doing remodeling projects on the side and that’s what sparked my interest in a real estate career. I love learning new things and understanding how the process works every step of the way. I also genuinely enjoy helping people.”

Additionally, Kate runs her photography business along with overseeing her and her husband’s real estate investments. In her free time Kate enjoys traveling remote places and exploring outdoors with her husband Maks.

  • English
  • Russian
  • Belorussian

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